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Pioneers in Mobile Video Solutions

SerVision manufactures professional video recording and transmission systems for the security and transportation sectors. Its portfolio includes a range of Video Gateways: DVRs with live video streaming capabilities over cabled, wireless and cellular networks. At the core of its technology is advanced video compression which has been optimized to provide the best available video streaming quality over cellular and other low bandwidth networks. All SerVision solutions enable remote centralized monitoring of any site, from any location, at any time.

SerVision features the following solutions:

  • Mobile Solutions - Live Video Solutions for fleets of vehicles and other moving platforms
  • Fixed Solutions - Live Video Solutions for small, medium and large sites
  • Remote Solutions - Live Video Solutions for remotely-located sites

The following SerVision products are now integrated with EDT's WorldFleetLog:

  • MVG 200
  • MVG 400

MVG 200

MVG 200

MVG 400


Use this link to access more information about SerVision products   


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