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EDT Products

EDT products and solutions provide your clients world-class FMS performance backed-up by customer support second to none.


WorldFleetLog is EDT's cloud-based fleet management application to display and manage data compiled from EDT’s fleet and fuel management products. With WorldFleetLog, fleet managers have a wide variety of information at their fingertips for real-time vehicle tracking, asset management, and driver monitoring.


The F1 FMS is for public, military, commercial and private sector applications that require robust performance.

RF Sensors

EDT SmartSense RF receiver and sensors are fully integrated with EDT F1 and SmartLog 5 IVDs to display real-time sensor data. EDT’s WorldFleetLog cloud application provides detailed and summarized sensor activity reports.

Mobile DVR and Dashcam Solutions

EDT's line of DVR and Dashcam products are the latest addition to EDT’s suite of fleet, fuel, and asset management solutions. EDT DVR solutions are fully integrated with WorldFleetLog. This allows fleet and asset managers direct access to the live video feed from each vehicle or asset listed in WorldFleetLog.

SmartLog 5

SmartLog 5 brings all of the best features of the SmartLog FMS platform with an integral 3G modem, a more robust controller, greater on-board memory, and built-in CAN Bus J1939 support.
The SmatLog 5 FMS platform continues to support a wide variety of external peripheral devices to provide you with the unique applications and solutions that your clients require.


FuelLog2 is an independent fuel management system to control private or internal fuel stations and tankers. This robust system gives fleet managers effective control over fuel dispensing and fuel consumption. Based on locally available vehicle and driver identification data, this computerized system tracks the refueling of vehicles via GPRS, GSM, WiFi, or RF communications.

World Fleet - Mobile App

World Fleet gives your customers access to many WorldFleetLog Web features.

Speed Limiter

EDT's speed limiter is a versatile device designed to enforce government or enterprise policies designed to eliminate drivers' harsh driving and over speeding infractions.

Universal Unit 3 FMS

The Universal Unit FMS family of products is a multi-purpose telematics device featuring internal antennas with 2G and 3G network support. Whether used in private cars, trucks, or any other kind of rolling stock, the UUx is a cost-effective fleet management solution with many advanced features for real-time fleet management, driver monitoring and driver safety.

Beverage Cooler

Integration with EDT’s WorldFleetLog Web-based tracking and
monitoring solution provides beverage refrigerator location, current and historical
temperature status, refrigerator use, and agent visit data. Generated
Reports based on user-defined parameters are easily accessed by
designated managers.
Data and alerts generated by the beverage refrigerator
tracker and temperature monitoring solution are also
available with EDT’s free World Fleet app.

DoorLog OnLine

ID authenticated access control for a variety of applications...

Ubiko Personal Tracker

The Ubiko Personal Tracker from E-Drive Technologies is a compact, easily configurable GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking and monitoring device to promote personal security and safety. With exceptionally fast and accurate acquisition times, and a built-in logger, the Ubiko Personal Tracker provides watchers with the device's location, and continuous location tracking via a Web portal.

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