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Internal catM/2G modem with optional internal BLE / WiFi

The F2 LTE Fleet Management System features an internal NB/CatM modem with 2G fallback and support for additional external modems for Iridium satellite network fallback option, WiFi or RF communication options. F2 LTE includes an on-board CAN Bus J1939 transceiver and supports OBD II via external transceiver to provide a robust set of fleet management anddriver behavior events and alerts.

The F2 LTE can log up to 400 days of messages based on an average 8-hour drive per day with tracking messages every 30 seconds.

F2 LTE features include:

  • Advanced fuel monitoring and alerts by analog/digital sensors and CAN Bus data
  • Internal J1939 CAN Bus transceiver + support forexternal CAN100 adaptor
  • Internal catM/2G modem with options for internal BLE 5.0/WiFi modem and external Iridium satellite / WiFi / RF modems
  • Multiple Driver ID options by iButton, keypad, and RFID
  • RS 232 Serial communication and 1-Wire interface support
  • OTA firmware and component upgrades
  • Fully integrated with EDT’s WorldFleetLog cloud-based tracking and monitoring solution to provide real time vehicle status and driver behavior data.

F2 LTE Advanced Brochure
Click to download  F2 LTE Advanced (985.0 Kb)

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