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EDT Announces the release of SmartLog 4 Version 7.2

2 October, 2013

The SmartLog 4 is a powerful GPS/GSM/GPRS automotive telematics with advanced, integrated management capabilities and is an ideal automotive telematics solution for vehicle and driver monitoring, security and maintenance scheduling.

The latest SmartLog 4 release includes the following new or improved features:

  • Speed Camera and Alert Point Warnings - The EDT support team can implement customized speed camera and traffic light camera warnings, as well as "Danger Zones"  with audible beep alerts when approaching the area, or when speeding when coming into range of a speed camera
  • Stealth Call Support - Stealth calls from recognized phone numbers are now possible
  • RFID Support - EDT has expanded the list of RFID devices that can be used for driver identification
  • Key Pad Parameters: KP order/ length/ position - Key pad support now includes configurable parameters
  • Decimal point in fuel calibration - The SmartLog 4 now supports measured analog values with two decimnal places for increased sensitivity and accuracy
  • External Immobilizer control - The SmartLog 4 supports an additonal external disconnection point, in addtion to the SML4 on-board relay
  • Seat Belt and Headlight Alerts - SML4 now supports features required by stringent HSE specifications for increased safety and verification requirements

With advanced, integrated management capabilities, including support for Fuel Level monitoring, SmartLog 4 is an ideal automotive telematics solution for vehicle, driver and security monitoring, and maintenance scheduling.


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