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E-Drive Technology’s new website highlights new products and commitment to industry leadership

2 November, 2010
E-Drive Technology (EDT) has launched a new Website. The new Website highlights EDT’s products and their unique place in EDT’s end-to-end solutions for the automotive industry.

E-Drive Technology launches the Universal Unit 1 as a cost-effective, real-time vehicle and asset tracking product

2 November, 2010 vehicle tracking
EDT has launched the Universal Unit 1, a multi-purpose GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle and asset tracking and monitoring device. The Universal Unit 1, the latest addition to EDT’s growing family of products, highlights EDT’s commitment to provide integrated, end-to-end solutions to the automotive industry.

E-Drive Technology launches the Ubiko Personal Tracker

2 November, 2010 Personal Tracker
EDT has launched the Ubiko, a GPS/GSM/GPRS personal tracker and asset tracking system. Ubiko is a compact, easily configurable GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking and monitoring device to promote personal security and safety. By introducing Ubiko, EDT highlights its commitment to develop and market unique and innovative new products.

EDT's new website went live

28 October, 2010
In keeping with EDT’s standing as an industry leader, EDT has launched a new state-of-the-art website.
Enjoy your visit in our website and feel free to contact us anytime.

WorldFleetLog™ is gaining popularity in Europe

23 December, 2007
E-Drive Technology signed an agreement with ITMobile Europe to mutually invest (estimated at a $100,000 investment) and establish an enhanced Web based site for both Online & Offline Fleet Tracking and Management applications in the Netherlands as well as the West European market.

EDT announces the release of WorldFleetLog™

1 November, 2005
WorldFleetLog™ hosted systems use an ASP-based approach which gives fleet managers quick and easy access to the hosted system. WorldFleetLog™ is an end-to-end Web-based solution for commercial fleet management and fuel logging needs including fleet, vehicles and fuel pumps (wherever they are), through an Internet browser.


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