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EDT announces the release of WorldFleetLog Version 3.02

14 September, 2014

Changes in WorldFleetLog Version 3.02

WorldFleetLog Version 3.02 includes the following new features, enhancements and fixes. Refer to the WorldFleetLog Version 3.02 Release Notes for a complete explanation of each change over the previous WorldFleetLog version.

New and Changed Features

The following features are now supported:

  • Reminders: It is now possible to manage reminders for drivers and vehicles. WorldFleetLog sends reminders by mail to specified recipients.
  • Documents: WorldFleetLog now supports scanning and saving documents related to drivers and vehicles
  • It is now possible to edit a region and change its name, color and shape.
    It is now possible to define the structure for Dallas buttons (ASP management?Companies) and to burn via Driver properties?General tab. This feature must be enabled by the support team according to customer needs. The burning module is an external app that is downloaded and installed locally. User must define low security browser settings for our site in order to use the burn module.
    Vehicle properties?Doorlog: “Remote open” supports 2 opposite directions or any direction.
    Recipient profiles for red alerts: it is now possible to define a recipient profile with mailing list and/or mobile phone numbers for SMS and to assign it to a specific red alert for a group of vehicles. Profiles may be defined under Reference tables or directly from the vehicle events tab (Company?Groups?Vehicle events).
    Users, limited to a specific group of regions, will also be limited to that group in the regions editor. Administrators are not limited. Map continues to display all regions.
    Periodic Maintenance: This enhanced module now supports definitions for service-related items such as parts, labor, materials and any other category. Items may be predefined, or entered as free text in the module GUI. This module also supports a summarized cost function.
  • Distance Limit: Use this new parameter to define a distance limit per driver (usually on a yearly basis). WorldFleetLog generates reports that describe the current status and remaining balance.
  • On Map Trips: The On Map Trips module includes a new graph to display speed and generated events regarding driver behavior. See Driver Behavior for an example of this report.

DoorLog Online

The DoorLog Online (V2) now supports automatic open and close according to a pre-defined schedule.


  • New vehicle icons: ATV, generator and road roller
  • A new search function for regions and POIs
  • Vehicle in Region: When a vehicle is in a region, the Dashboard event details and the floating info box show the region visit time
  • Passengers: passenger phone numbers are added to the list
  •  New features are fully described in the release notes sent to our distributors. For more information, contact EDT support.


Changes in existing reports:

  • It is now possible to schedule specific, predefined reports to all active drivers/charges. Each driver/charge will get by a mail with their relevant records.
  • When displaying a trip route on map, it is possible to export the route to Google Earth (KML file) by clicking a new command in the toolbar.
  • It is now possible to export reports dataset to XLSX.

 New Reports 

  • Vehicle tires status history
  • Refuels (extra detailed) – export
  • Employees in vehicles – current status
  • Passenger trips by passenger (detailed)
  • Passenger trips (summary)
  • Time utilization breakdown by vehicle group (summary, with min. stop time)
  • Vehicle distance by week and day
  • Vehicle max. speed/acc/dec by week and day
  • Time utilization breakdown for vehicle by week and day
  • Region visits for vehicle by day
  • Refuels by fuel type (daily summary)
  • Yearly distance limit for drivers - current status

World Fleet Mobile App

  • Shows a list of passengers in the vehicle
  • Supports private KML layers

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