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E-Drive Technology launches the Ubiko Personal Tracker

2 November, 2010

Ubiko is a compact, easily configurable GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking and monitoring device to promote personal security and safety

Tirat Carmel, IsraelE-Drive Technology (EDT), a developer and manufacturer of advanced Fleet Management, Fuel Management and Automotive Telematics Systems, has launched the Ubiko, a GPS/GSM/GPRS personal tracker and asset tracking system.

By introducing Ubiko, EDT highlights its commitment to develop and market unique and innovative new products. The Ubiko is a cost effective solution, specially designed for:

  • Personal safety and security
  • Asset tracking

With a built-in SOS panic button, the Ubiko Personal Tracker can send an emergency alert along with the user’s GPS coordinates to a specified contact via SMS or to a dedicated Web application such as EDT’s WorldFleetLog.

“EDT seeks to maintain industry leadership with innovative new products, says Iftach Yafe, EDT VP of Sales & Marketing, “As we continue to research, develop and market products that increase our market presence with cost-effective telematics solutions.”

EDT features the FleetLog, SmartLog Universal Unit and FuelLog product lines, as well as the Ubiko Personal Tracker; all integrated with EDT’s powerful WorldFleetLog application.

For more information about EDT’s Ubiko Personal Tracker and business opportunities, please see:


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