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E-Drive Technology launches the Universal Unit 1 as a cost-effective, real-time vehicle and asset tracking product

2 November, 2010

Tirat Carmel, IsraelE-drive Technology (EDT), a developer and manufacturer of advanced Fleet Management, Fuel Management and Automotive Telematics Systems, has launched the Universal Unit 1, a multi-purpose GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle and asset tracking and monitoring device.

The Universal Unit 1, the latest addition to EDT’s growing family of products, highlights EDT’s commitment to provide integrated, end-to-end solutions to the automotive industry. The Universal Unit 1 is a cost effective solution, specially designed for:

  • Automotive safety and security
  • Fleet management
  • Driver monitoring
  • Asset tracking

The Universal Unit 1 is an integral part of a vehicle, driver monitoring and fleet management package that actively promotes eco-drive practices to reduce CO2 emissions and vehicle wear and tear.

All EDT products are highly integrated with EDT’s WorldFleetLog, a server-based Web application that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

“EDT seeks to maintain industry leadership with over 200,000 installations, says Iftach Yafe, EDT VP of Sales & Marketing, “As we continue to research, develop and manufacture innovative and cost-effective automotive telematics solutions.”

EDT features the FleetLog, SmartLog Universal Unit and FuelLog product lines, as well as the Ubiko Personal Tracker; all integrated with EDT’s powerful WorldFleetLog application.

For more information about EDT’s Universal Unit 1 and business opportunities, please see:


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