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Middlesex Corporation - Case Study

Fuel Management

Middlesex Corporation - Customer Response


The Middlesex Corporation has been using the FuelLog management system since Oct 2005. We are very pleased with the investment we have made. With the FuelLog system I am able to track the four hundred vehicles and equipment we have out on the road and in the field every day. Before we had a fuel management system our two fuel trucks hand wrote the gallons of fuel and hours from equipment on a spreadsheet and would give it to the shop clerk who would enter all the info from the greasy, smelly spreadsheet. We installed the fuel management system on our fuel trucks, now when they come into the yard at the end of the day there stored info downloads to our main computer and our reporting is now at the touch of a button. We also have it installed at our main office and at one of our asphalt plants which is fifty miles away and it all downloads to our main computer. So I can track the levels of fuel and fuel output at seven locations all from one computer. I was very impressed with the reporting. My end of the month and yearly reporting is now done in just seconds instead of hours. It also gives us the security we were looking for so we now know where every gallon goes.

I would highly recommend FuelLog fuel management system.


The Middlesex Corp


Purchasing & Accounts Manager


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