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Automotive Telematics

Our fleet, fuel and vehicle safety management products provide your clients with cost-effective solutions.

Fleet Management Solutions

EDT's field-proven Fleet Management Solutions provide fleet managers with a variety of fully integrated end-to-end fleet management products to improve efficiency, accountability, and overall company profitability.

Fuel Management Solutions

EDT’s FuelLog™ systems provide advanced management tools for what is clearly one of any company’s biggest operating expenses – fuel. FuelLog2 and EDT’s related products provide cost-effective control over unattended fueling operations for increased security and accountability.

Safety and Security

Rarely has the return on investment been as clear-cut as the investment in automotive telematics solutions for driver safety and vehicle recovery. EDT’s integrated automotive telematics products provide a wide range of end-to-end driver safety and vehicle recovery solutions.

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Fleet Management Solutions
Fleet Management Systems
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Fuel Management Systems
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