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Automotive Telematics for Driver Safety and Vehicle Recovery

Actively monitor driver behavior and enable advanced vehicle recovery

Rarely has the return on investment been as clear-cut as the investment in automotive telematics solutions for driver safety and vehicle recovery. EDT’s integrated automotive telematics products provide a wide range of integrated automotive telematics solutions for driver safety and vehicle recovery.

Experienced fleet managers know that lost productivity and unexpected expenses are easily avoided with timely vehicle maintenance and driver awareness. EDT’s integrated fleet management products provide a wide range of end-to-end driver safety and vehicle security solutions, and are an important link in any overall fleet management program. 

EDT’s fleet management products deliver driver safety and vehicle security in four important areas:

  • Promotes timely vehicle maintenance with user-defined lead times and audible alarms
  • Monitors drivers’ habits and reports user-defined incidents such as over speed, over RPM and erratic driving patterns
  • Multiple vehicle immobilization schemes aid theft prevention, and include positive driver identification and remote office commands to disrupt various vehicle systems
  • With real time tracking, fleet managers always know precisely where vehicles and cargo are located, significantly increasing the chances for stolen vehicle recovery

Driver safety and vehicle security can significantly impact the corporate bottom line. While savings in terms of theft prevention, vehicle recovery and pro-active vehicle maintenance are obvious,  additional benefits result by encouraging drivers towards environmentally friendly driving practices—reduced vehicle wear and tear, and reduced fuel consumption!

Companies looking to quickly improve their bottom line by implementing a driver safety and vehicle security solution to their fleet management policy will find EDT’s integrated fleet management products highly cost effective. 

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