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Our hardware and software products provide your clients world-class FMS performance at reasonable prices!

Fleet Management Software - WorldFleetLog

WorldFleetLog is EDT's Web-based fleet management application to display and manage data compiled from EDT’s fleet and fuel management products. With WorldFleetLog, fleet managers have a wide variety of information at their fingertips for real-time vehicle tracking, asset management, and driver monitoring.

World Fleet - Mobile App

World Fleet gives your customers access to many WorldFleetLog Web features.

Advanced Fleet Managment System - SmartLog 4

The SmartLog 4 is a field-tested GPS/GSM/GPRS FMS platform and provides powerful, real-time fleet management solutions for government, commercial and private sector fleet operations.
Firmware Version 9.0 includes a lot of exciting new features...

Universal Unit 3 FMS

The Universal Unit FMS family of products is a multi-purpose telematics device featuring internal antennas with 2G and 3G network support. Whether used in private cars, trucks, or any other kind of rolling stock, the UUx is a cost-effective fleet management solution with many advanced features for real-time fleet management, driver monitoring and driver safety.

Fuel Management System - FuelLog2

FuelLog2 is an independent fuel management system to control private or internal fuel stations and tankers. This robust system gives fleet managers effective control over fuel dispensing and fuel consumption. Based on locally available vehicle and driver identification data, this computerized system tracks the refueling of vehicles via GPRS, GSM, WiFi, or RF communications.

Fleet Management System - FleetLog

FleetLog is an on-board, computerized fleet management system that integrates four essential fleet control functions: vehicle security including driver ID and vehicle immobilizer, event analysis and control, vehicle event location (by GPS), and black box accident analysis. FleetLog is completely automatic and features RF data collection when in proximity to data collection points.

DoorLog OnLine

ID authenticated access control for a variety of applications...

Ubiko Personal Tracker

The Ubiko Personal Tracker from E-Drive Technologies is a compact, easily configurable GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking and monitoring device to promote personal security and safety. With exceptionally fast and accurate acquisition times, and a built-in logger, the Ubiko Personal Tracker provides watchers with the device's location, and continuous location tracking via a Web portal.

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