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Platinum7 is the flagship product in E-Drive Technology’s product portfolio. Platinum7 is a unique solution for integrated security, vehicle management, and infotainment systems, based on the integration of the cellular communication network, GPS and local contact center services. Platinum7 provides comprehensive solutions for each of the following sectors:   Commercial and private  fleets of any size with local and worldwide presence   Private vehicles   Public sector,  including state and local government authorities With theft prevention, personal security, and emergency service provisions a part of everyday concerns, Platinum7 contact centers provide fleet managers and private vehicle owners with unprecedented peace of mind. With A-GPS technology for improved GPS performance and fix times, Platinum7 records precise route details and current vehicle position with pinpoint accuracy. Using this information, contact center operators track suspicious vehicle events in order to effectively report and resolve emergencies. Platinum7 is an integral part of a vehicle, driver monitoring and fleet management and integrated infotainment system that actively promotes reduced fuel consumption, timely maintenance and unsurpassed personal security. As with all EDT products, Platinum7 encourages eco drive practices to reduce CO2 emissions and vehicle wear and tear, and makes a significant contribution to savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

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