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Automotive Telematics

Powerful Automotive Telematics with CAN Bus Support

SmartLog 4 Protocol 9

The SmartLog 4 is a powerful GPS/GSM/GPRS automotive telematics with advanced, integrated management capabilities, is an ideal automotive telematics solution for vehicle and driver monitoring, security and maintenance scheduling.

The latest SmartLog 4 release includes:

Iridium Satellite Network Support

  • Automatic fallback to the Iridium satellite network when GSM/GPRS network is not available
  • User-defined message size and message polling features to reduce costs

New or Improved Features

  • Provides actual battery levels
  • Now supports 3 analog sensors for configuration of temperature, weight, pressure values and many more
  • Provides horizontal and vertical accuracy estimates based on the internal GPS circuitry in order to better understand vehicle location in sub-optimal circumstances
  • Enable/Disable Emergency Button: It is now possible for users to define emergency button availability
  • Added support for additional Fuel Level Sensor Types
  • Added dual fuel tank support
  • Supports idle time detection in all ignition switch positions
    (accessory only, or engine on)

New Commands

  • Resend messages from a specific date, month, day, hour minute
  • Resend messages by days
  • Select source of fuel consumption by trip and total fuel consumption
  • Select source (CAN Bus or analog) of RPM and engine hours
  • Added Trip Fuel Consumption and Total idle fuel consumption from J1939 to the End Trip Message

SmartLog 4 + CAN Bus

The SmartLog 4 + CAN Bus features an integrated platform to support CAN Bus the J-1939 and OBD-II Protocols, although the actual information derived from each vehicle depends on how each vehicle manufacturer implements these protocols, the following list of parameters is generally supported:

  • Vehicle speed from tachograph or wheelbase
    Fuel level (if supported by the vehicle)
  • RPM
  • High resolution vehicle distance
  • Engine coolant temperature and level alert
  • Low fuel level
  • Weight alarm
  • Fuel consumption in km/liters
  • Engine oil alerts for temperature, pressure, level
  • Digital Trouble Codes
  • Engine oil alerts for temperature, pressure, level
  • Engine Hours
  • Alerts for malfunction light indications
  • PTO, brake, clutch indications
  • GI sensor indications
  • Vehicle battery voltage status

 Additional CAN Bus Reader Support

  • Supports an integrated on-board CAN Bus reader as well as an external plug and play reader with support for over 350 vehicles
  • All EDT CAN Bus solutions support a contactless connection in order to preserve manufacturers’ warranties

    With advanced, integrated management capabilities, together with WorldFleetLog, SmartLog 4 Protocol 9  is an ideal automotive telematics solution for every fleet manager.


Download SmartLog 4 Brochure:

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